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FRS Classic & FRS Elite

The FRS Systems from AMRAD Medical are an exceptional value, both in functionality and cost of ownership. The FRS Classic and FRS Elite come standard with an industry-leading 5-year parts warranty to back up our promise of quality.

Improve Productivity
Migrating exams to standing positions helps to improve productivity.

Quality and Value
Hospital-grade equipment that can handle the busiest of clinics or hospital environments.


  • Single-detector solution
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Motorized detector stand
  • 500-pound patient capacity mobile table
  • Designed to improve patient through-put
  • Simple, durable design minimizes downtime and allows for fast installation
  • Upgrade to the FRS Elite which includes auto-tracking to detector stand for upright imaging


Orthopedics, Urgent Care Facilities, Family Practices


Coming soon.


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