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Introducing Helianthus: Summit Industries Expands into the Women’s Health Segment

Introducing Helianthus: Summit Industries Expands into the Women’s Health Segment

Helianthus_aws_integrataSummit Industries, a leading name in medical equipment manufacturing, is once again expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of its latest new product offering, the Helianthus mammography system.

The Helianthus name is well known and trusted in the European markets and the Helianthus 2D system is now available in the US from Summit Industries. This unit is ideal for mid to high-volume 2D screening and diagnostics and promises unparalleled efficiency, safety, and versatility for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

A Leap Forward into Women’s Health 

Summit Industries HelianthusThe Helianthus is a compact digital mammography system designed to provide high-quality 2D image acquisition. What sets it apart is its integrated X-ray generator and Acquisition Work Station (AWS), which together enhance workflow and ergonomics.

Ideal for mid to high-volume 2D screening and diagnostics, the Helianthus marks Summit Industries’ foray into a new market – Women’s Health.

Up-to-Date Features for Confident Diagnosis

The Helianthus boasts an array of remarkable features such as an isocentric C-arm capable of rotation ±180°, which facilitates continuous and precise positioning of the patient. This capability is especially advantageous for patients with mobility limitations.

Heliantus Summit IndustriesSafety is paramount, and the Helianthus ensures it through a sensitive obstacle detection system during C-arm rotation, guaranteeing maximum patient safety. Automatic collimation further enhances the precision and safety of the imaging process.

One standout feature is the “POEt” Processing for Optimal Enhancement, which ensures that the acquired images are of the highest quality, enabling confident and accurate diagnoses.

Moreover, Helianthus is designed with the future in mind. When the 3D tomosynthesis offering is available in the USA, the system can be seamlessly upgraded in the field. This adaptability ensures that healthcare facilities can stay current with the latest diagnostic methods.

The Smart μPress Compression System

Compression is a critical aspect of mammography, and the Helianthus system takes it to the next level with the “Smart μPress” compression system. It offers motor-driven or manual paddle movement with fine adjustment, catering to a variety of breast sizes. Standard compression paddles are available for normal and smaller breasts, ensuring patient comfort and accuracy.

Versatile Performance and Improved Safety

Summit Industries Heliantus Amrad MedicalAll examination parameters are easily accessible on the system’s 7″ color touchscreen displays, making the workflow seamless and efficient.

For medical professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of promoting early detection for improved patient outcomes, the Helianthus is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. To learn more and find your local Helianthus Dealer, contact Summit Industries today. Embrace Women’s Diagnostic imaging with Helianthus – where innovation meets excellence.

View more about the Helianthus here at Summit Industries.

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