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+ Years

Of product innovation & excellence in chiropractic radiographic systems.

mA/600 mAs

Maximum (an available feature that allows for reduced exposure times)


Technology delivers maximum diagnostic image quality and extended tube life


Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment

Since 1955, Bennett X-Ray has been a leader in radiographic equipment  -- over 30 years ago, pioneering high frequency generator technology into clinical healthcare. Nearly two decades ago, Bennett’s technology was transferred to Summit Industries where its leadership legacy continues today.

Treatment Techniques Supported

  • Diversified
  • Blair
  • Gonstead
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction
  • Palmer Upper Cervical
  • Extremity
  • And others

Long-lasting, digital-ready systems for consistent performance

Radiographic Systems


Many options to meet the unique requirements of various treatment techniques.


High-performance system at outstanding value.

Configure to Your Bennet X-Ray Space & Needs

Chiropractic Radiographic Generators

Our High Frequency x-ray technology delivers the benefits of reduced patient exposure, maximum diagnostic image quality and extended tube life.


Powerful, high-quality imaging.


Full-featured for general radiographic needs.


Ideal for the value-conscious clinic.


When you purchase from Summit Industries, LLC brands, our promise to you is important.

That’s why we’ve developed the Summit Promise to give you the confidence to choose the diagnostic imaging technology from our many brands. Without your continued support and confidence, there is no Summit Industries, LLC. and our goal is to show our gratitude for your business.

Bennet X-Ray Service Pillars

Why Choose Bennett Chiropractic X-Ray Systems?


Cost-effective, easy to use, more efficient workflows, and less footprint needed


Minimum downtime and maximum return on investment from longer-lasting systems


Proven designs, well made equipment, and fast help from real, knowledgeable people

"Like everyone else, I have done a tremendous amount of research prior to purchasing my x-ray system. My Bennett system is one of the best decisions I made."

Dr. John Schwartz

Elite Chiropractic Injury & Wellness Center

"[My DCX] is absolutely everything I have always wanted in a digital x-ray system and more. My patients love the low radiation, the great quality images, the high tech design and the immediate slideshow I can provide."

Dr. Moshe Laub

West Hartford Chiropractic, LLC

"I am very satisfied with my purchase of a Bennett X-Ray systems.The ease of use, reliability, and image quality are great. I recommend Bennett to anyone looking to go digital."

Dr. Ryan Rosenthal

Community Outreach Chiropractic

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