Summit Industries Promise

The Summit Promise


When you purchase from Summit Industries, LLC our promise to you is important. That’s why we’ve developed the Summit Promise to give you the confidence to choose the diagnostic imaging technology from our many brands. Without your continued support and confidence, there is no Summit Industries, LLC. and our goal is to show our gratitude for your business.

SUMMIT PROMISE Expectation of Excellence LOGOExpectation of Excellence

Cross-functional Design, Targeted Training, and Consultative Sales Support

  • Summit’s Teams will cross-functionally collaborate to design and develop solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, functionality and low cost of ownership.
  • Summit will develop meaningful training programs for our authorized dealer service teams to promote installation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Summit’s Sales Team will consult with all dealer representatives on solutions providing the best value for the end-user.

Best in Industry

Comprehensive Warranties, Quality Materials and Can-do Approach

  • Summit commits to stand behind our products with Industry-Best Warranties.
  • Summit commits to purchase quality parts for our manufacturing needs at the best overall costs providing an Industry-Best Value 
  • Summit will take a can-do approach when developing solutions for its customers ensuring an Industry-Best Experience.

Sense of Urgency

Rapid Response, Status Updates, and Same-Day Price Quotes

  • Call Summit at 1-800-729-9729 and leave a message for Sales or Technical Support and you will receive a return call within one hour or less.
  • Inquires to Customer Service will be addressed by end of business day. 
  • Summit commits to 100% on-time shipments once we notify you of a pick-up date. If an unforeseen delay occurs, you will be notified at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled shipment. 
  • Summit’s Sales Team will provide same-day price quotes.

Commitment to Quality

Continuous Improvement, Knowledgeable Support, and Prioritizing Requests

  • Summit will continually improve the functionality, serviceability, and reliability of new and existing products.
  • Summit commits to provide knowledgeable technical support to our authorized dealers to support our brands for maximum uptime.
  • Summit will staff a team member to answer your technical support calls to prioritize requests and minimize your wait time for assistance.

Proactive Communication

Timely Troubleshooting, Alternative Solutions, and Expert Assistance 

  • Summit agrees to contact you by phone with a follow-up email detailing any issues that may arise that impacts your expected delivery time. 
  • Whenever available, Summit will offer a contingency plan or alternative product to help minimize any inconvenience. 
  • Summit provides No Worries Freight to customers to assist with any freight issues that may arise during the shipment and delivery of your purchases.

Personal Commitment

All-Inclusive, Positive Attitude, and Employee Empowerment

  • We promise to give the best version of ourselves each day in all the work that we do.
  • We promise to take a can-do approach to find solutions for your challenges and answers to your questions.
  • The Summit organization knows the customer like no other. Sometimes, decisions need to be made immediately. Summit Executive Leadership agrees to empower each employee to make the right decision for the customer and specific situation while assuring that the Summit organization stands by that decision. 

Call Summit Industries for more information on diagnostic imaging support for your health care needs. We provide latest industry knowledge and expertise in Summit’s x-ray systems. Contact us to learn more about Summit Industries systems and how they can help you better serve your patients.

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