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Which X-Ray Solution Should I Recommend To A Healthcare Facility?


Which X-Ray Solution Should I Recommend To A Healthcare Facility?

The correct digital x-ray system can increase patient comfort and reduce x-ray exam times. But a digital x-ray system can only make a positive impact on the facility if the equipment you choose is suited for the practice’s imaging needs and workflows. 

First, let’s consider the application of the system. What are the facility needs? What type of exams are performed? There are many factors that create that scenario. The needs of an urgent care facility differs from an orthopedics practice, since the latter is more specialized. A hospital, because of the volume and broad range of procedures, would require a different system than a private practice. 

Below, we will walk through each type of facility and factors to consider before making an x-ray system recommendation.

Private, Chiropractic & Orthopedic Offices

Summit Industries X-Ray Machines Chicago IL

Is this a private doctors office with a steady flow of patients? Normally, private offices handle their bookings in an evenly distributed calendar so the frequency of use is less strenuous and spread out. 

This type of healthcare facility offers time for diagnosis and will usually facilitate compact-size capacity and space allowance. 

“Private practices normally have a lower volume of x-ray exams and therefore focus on economics.” Eli Rozier, Executive Vice President

Immediate Care Facility

These locations have set hours and do book their appointments in advance or accept walk-in requests. Because of the influx of visits, the demand for radiology systems can vary. 

This type of healthcare facility requires immediate diagnosis and will usually facilitate medium-size capacity and space allowance. 

“Immediate care facilities let the patient bypass the ER room. Patient demographics vary but most patients walk in under their own power. Having a machine that can handle a broad range of exams is important.” Kevin Lucas, Regional Sales Manager

Hospital Emergency Center 

Summit Industries | X-Ray Systems & Machines, Equipment Manufacturer Chicago, ILThe emergency room at a hospital is open 24/7 and supports visitors at any time of day or night. The types of procedures are broad and can require anything from full-body to localized imaging.

Because of the hours and need, this location requires a different type of equipment with immediate diagnosis, capacity, and space allowance.

“Emergency rooms require robust equipment designed for high volume. Maximum flexibility is a key factor as types of patients and exams vary from minute to minute.” Eli Rozier, Executive Vice President

Veterinary Office

This is a facility that offers both regular bookings in advance as well as urgent procedures. There is typically a regular pace of patients and the requirements for diagnostic space means extra space for animals to be seated, standing, and laying down. 

There can be some limitations in spacing since many veterinary offices are templated rental offices and the healthcare providers must consider which room offers the best space for radiology diagnostics. 

This type of healthcare facility requires immediate diagnosis and should facilitate medium and large-size capacity and space allowance. 


Feature X-Ray Recommendations


Summit Industries OTS Elite What X-Ray Healthcare LocationOTS Elite

The OTS Elite from AMRAD Medical delivers maximum flexibility and allows the facility to image patience with little or no restrictions. For use in Hospitals, High-Volume Orthopedics, and Free-Standing ERs. Technologist-friendly features, such as color-coded annotations and the ability to turn on or off auto-tracking with the touch of a button make positioning fast, improving patient throughput.


Summit Industries AAU Elite What X-Ray Healthcare LocationAAU Elite


Perform LLI and Scoliosis exams with accuracy and ease using the automated equipment and automatic stitching function. Achieve peak performance by migrating most exams to standing positions improving productivity and throughput. The AAU Elite offers equal features and earns equal reimbursement to all of its more costly competition.



Summit Industries CS Elite What X-Ray Healthcare LocationCS Elite

The AMRAD Medical CS Elite system is designed for facilities that specialize in COVID-19 screening, Pulmonology, and Occupational Medicine. Advanced features like ergonomically correct release handle and remote collimator light make positioning fast and efficient.

When it comes down to it, both the application and facility constraints help to determine the equipment you’ll recommend. Healthcare facility managers might think they need to purchase an expensive or name brand system because its high price tag brings perceived higher quality. However, an expensive machine may not be required if it doesn’t fit the exact needs of a location. 


Compact systems can effectively service a private practice’s needs and last a lifetime, without the sizable investment.  Cost savings and durability can be significant motivators when making a system recommendation. Routine maintenance is also a key factor to well performing, long lasting machines.

“Summit Industries offers a wide range of general radiography equipment, all completely configurable to meet the needs of the facility as well as the budget. We understand there is no one size fits all, and having the ability to be flexible allows the end-user to purchase with confidence knowing all of their needs are being met.” Eli Rozier, Executive Vice President

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