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Who Is AMRAD Medical?


Who Is AMRAD Medical?

AMRAD Medical is the best-kept secret in medical x-ray equipment manufacturing. Founded in 1984 as a brand of Summit Industries, we are a Chicago-based manufacturer of x-ray equipment, bringing affordable, high-quality radiology solutions to hospitals, Orthopedics, imaging centers, urgent care centers, private practices and other specialties.

With a focus on serving the medical industry, our x-ray equipment has become trusted in facilities across the globe. Each system is proudly designed, engineered, and built at our Innovation and Manufacturing Campus in Niles, Illinois. Over our history, long-tenured employees and families have passed down their legacy of craftsmanship from one generation to the next.

“We stand by the durability and quality of our systems,” says Eli Rozier, Executive Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Business Development. “It’s thanks to our expert engineers and commitment to service that we’ve been able to support so many healthcare facilities. We don’t take shortcuts and it benefits our customers.”

From streamlined models for smaller facilities, to full-featured systems for high-volume facilities, AMRAD has solutions to fit any facility in need of general x-ray equipment. The latest technology allows medical professionals to quickly produce x-rays so they can diagnose injuries and issues faster. With simplified controls and sleek design, AMRAD devices bring patient safety and ease of use to the forefront.

How Does AMRAD Medical Stack Up Against Other Brands?

With competitive pricing and an industry-leading warranty, AMRAD systems are easy to maintain, which means they can last longer, and includes an industry-leading warranty to ease the mind of owners. AMRAD support staff is also committed to fast, personal, and helpful service, in case an issue does arise.

Frequently, we’ll hear of a request for the removal of their current “other brand” x-ray system after a few years of costly breakdowns and lost efficiency. Instead, they opt for a trade-in for the rugged durability of an AMRAD system. What an amazing testimony of usability and durability that the client prefers.

“Healthcare professionals have enough to worry about,” says Kevin Lucas. “When they install an AMRAD device, it gives them peace of mind that they can focus on what they do best, the patient.”

What Kind Of Support Do I Get From AMRAD Medical?

And when it comes to customer support, our enterprise-wide Summit Promise aims to always over deliver. You’ll get friendly, real voices when you call, instead of robotic menu prompts. No matter their location or experience, partner sales reps are equipped with extra insights, tools, and support to sell AMRAD systems with confidence.

If you’re trying to decide which x-ray brand is best for your medical location, make the correct choice the first time with AMRAD. Avoid an eventual replacement, lost downtime, and lost finances from the other brands. Paying more for a machine from other brands doesn’t help you increase reimbursements — you’ll do the same procedures, if not more, with AMRAD’s affordable systems. Stick with us, because we stick with you.


Introducing Easier AMRAD X-Ray Equipment Financing

Summit Industries Amrad Medical Finance Chicago

To make it easier to invest in your facility, financing is now available directly through AMRAD Finance. Qualified customers pay only $99 each of the first three months and get 3.75% APR for 60 months. It’s just one more way AMRAD Medical removes traditional obstacles to choosing, purchasing, and maintaining quality x-ray systems.

Learn more about this offer and apply.


When You Commit to AMRAD, We Commit to You

For nearly 40 years, medical facilities have turned to AMRAD Medical, time and again. A partnership with AMRAD continually delivers cost-effective, easy to use, more efficient workflows, with less footprint. Minimum downtime and maximum return on investment from longer-lasting systems. And proven designs, well made equipment, and fast help from real, knowledgeable people.

Contact us to learn more about AMRAD Medical systems and how they can help you better serve your patients.

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