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Name Brands Don’t Always Mean Best


Name Brands Don’t Always Mean Best

From urban centers to rural areas, American doctors and medical facilities face complex medical challenges every day. When it comes to common tests and procedures, like x-rays, many locations turn to the brands and logos they recognize. The assumption is that big name brands are better quality. 

While Summit Industries radiology brands may not be a household name in the acute care space, most x-ray manufactures cannot compete with its durability and ease of use. “You could say our brands are the best kept secret in the radiology business” Eli Quote. 

Big Secrets That Make Us A Big Deal

Each of the four Summit Industries brands — AMRAD Medical, AMERICOMP, Bennett, and InnoVet — have features that make up the secrets of our success.

aau-featuresWe provide over 99% of the replacement parts for our systems overnight.

They don’t break down often, but when they do our teams quickly ship out our own replacement parts. You won’t get off brand or low-quality parts from us.

“Clinicians and dealers are really surprised when they get to know our products. Especially the FRS,” says Kevin Lucas, Regional Sales Manager. “We have data from our tech support department that in our 400+ products installed, we have a less than 5% service call on that unit. That’s unheard of in our industry!” 

We have 50,000 installs worldwide and are the #1 choice for veterinary schools

Schools like Ohio State, Auburn, and Iowa State turn to InnoVet when training future vets. Our streamlined systems make them easy to learn and use for students and professionals.

About Summit Industries | X-Ray Machines, Equipment Manufacturer Chicago ILOur equipment is manufactured in the U.S., by long-serving, expert craftsmen

Because we’ve been building quality systems for nearly 40 years, some of our engineers are second generation. That means our end-users get the benefit of these decades of expertise.

Each system includes industry-leading warranties

How much confidence do we put into our systems? Enough to give each one industry-leading warranties, from five to seven years. We doubt you’ll need it.

When you call us, our support team includes real, U.S.-based people

Dealers know that when they pick up the phone, they’ll get access to highly-trained, knowledgeable, and friendly service team members. No robo menus or voicemail systems.

“Our dealer partners are the cornerstone of our business.  We support this claim by adhering to the Summit Promise.” Eli Quote

Not a Secret For Much Longer

It’s true. Summit Industries is the best kept secret in the x-ray industry. For how much longer is hard to predict. As more and more facilities adopt products from the Summit family of brands, their durability, ease of use, and industry-leading support, the word is sure to spread.


Contact us to learn more about Summit Industries systems and how they can help you better serve your patients.

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