AmeriComp X-Ray

Since its founding in 1987, AmeriComp has supplied healthcare providers worldwide with high-quality, cost-effective x-ray systems, generators and components. With their ease of use and reliable design, AmeriComp products are trusted by value-minded professionals who are not willing to sacrifice quality.

The best values in digital-ready Chiropractic imaging

Chiropractic Radiographic Systems

AC 1se

Ideal for an existing or start-up practitioner, this system is an outstanding value.

AmeriComp X-Ray Equipment | Summit Industries Machine Manufacturer ac1-system

AC 4se

Fixed SID system for limited spaces.

AmeriComp X-Ray Equipment | Summit Industries Machine Manufacturer Veterinary

Proven, Digital-ready solution for small animal or general practics

Veterinary Radiographic Systems


Ideal for an existing or start-up Hospital, this system is an outstanding value.

High-Frequency Technology

Radiographic Generators

Our AmeriComp High Frequency generator technology delivers the benefits of reduced patient exposure, maximum diagnostic image quality and extended tube life.

Spectra generators are available in the following power ratings with options to fit specific needs.

AmeriComp X-Ray Equipment | Summit Industries Machine Manufacturer Radiographic

20 kW

30 kW

40 kW

50 kW

Radiographic Components

To accommodate the specific needs of a healthcare facility, we offer high-quality x-ray machine components.


When you purchase from Summit Industries, LLC brands, our promise to you is important.

That’s why we’ve developed the Summit Promise to give you the confidence to choose the diagnostic imaging technology from our many brands. Without your continued support and confidence, there is no Summit Industries, LLC. and our goal is to show our gratitude for your business.

Our Service Pillars

Why Choose AmeriComp X-Ray Equipment?


Cost-effective, easy to use, more efficient workflows, and less footprint needed


Minimum downtime and maximum return on investment from longer-lasting systems


Proven designs, well made equipment, and fast help from real, knowledgeable people

ISO 13485 Certified

The manufacturing process of AmeriComp meets the ISO’s stringent safety certification process.

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