# Manufacturer

Of veterinary x-ray systems in the U.S., with over 9,000 systems in use

+ Years

Years of design and manufacture veterinary-specific equipment

+ Million

Images per year produced by InnoVet systems


Veterinary Radiology Equipment

Increase your quality of medical care and improve practice efficiency with an InnoVet x-ray system.


In 1991, InnoVet pioneered the first radiographic systems designed by Veterinarians for Veterinarians. 


InnoVet systems are used worldwide in various animal care facilities including General Practices, Specialty Hospitals, 24-hour Emergency Hospitals, Humane Societies, Zoos, Military VTF’s, and Vet colleges. Many Veterinary schools train their students on InnoVet systems because of their ease of use and durability.

Veterinary Schools Using InnoVet Systems

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And More ...

Long-lasting, digital-ready systems for consistent performance

Radiology Systems

InnoVet Select HF

#1 selling x-ray system in small animal, general practices in the U.S.

InnoVet Specialist

Many options available to meet unique large hospital needs.

InnoVet Versa

A premium x-ray system with aesthetic and protective features.

A Complete Digital Solution

InnoVet Versa DR

A proven digital system with a low overall cost of ownership.


Industry Best Warranties

Demand the Summit PromiseTM the industry-leading warranty, low cost of ownership, and fast and reliable support.

Our Service Pillars

Why Choose InnoVet?


Cost-effective, easy to use, more efficient workflows, and less footprint needed


Minimum downtime and maximum return on investment from longer-lasting systems


Proven designs, well made equipment, and fast help from real, knowledgeable people

“I was having trouble reading my films with my old unit. My InnoVet equipment solved the problem, and now I can see my films clearly. I have had my InnoVet for 5 years now and it is still working great.”

Dr. William Polland

Clarksville, TN

ISO 13485 Certified

Each system and InnoVet’s manufacturing process meets the ISO’s stringent safety certification process.

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