Summit Industries FIME Medical Imaging Conference

Bringing Innovation To Conferences Across The Nation With A Surprise Announcement


Becoming a publicly recognized leader in the radiology industry, the leadership at Summit Industries has been pushing the envelope with new products, communication, and hands-on training like never before. 

In three of the last five months, Summit Industries has been featured at leading medical expos and conferences across the nation. And coming this March, we’re preparing for the Chicago event for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). Being right in Summit Industries’ backyard, we’re very excited to exhibit there. 

“As we do things that are different by exhibiting at trade shows, marketing journals, and on social media, people have started to take notice,” says Summit’s Kevin Lucas, Regional Sales Manager. “It’s our goal to push through the hardships of our world’s current environment and dig deeper into leading with new offerings, elevated service, and training opportunities.”

Summit Industries FIME Medical Imaging ConferenceAt the recent FIME show, two representatives from the Summit team, Susan Welter and VP of Sales and Marketing Eli Rosier, introduced and demonstrated a fully functional U-Arm. To a mostly international show, the live demos were a major attraction of these exhibits. The in-person event was so successful, and there was such a vocal response to a full-sized demonstration that Summit Industries will be continuing this practice for all future conferences.

“Exhibiting with equipment is huge because we are doing hands-on demonstrations for those that need the device for their healthcare environment,” says Kevin Lucas. “We are really trying to give the biggest bang for your buck compared to just handing out a pamphlet. It’s just like test driving a car before you buy it.”

The importance of bringing demonstrable equipment goes much bigger than just taking a device for a test drive. It’s also one of the key ways healthcare professionals can fully compare the competitive products.

“Healthcare professionals need to have confidence that Summit Industries has equipment that rivals the competition,” says Rozier. “From overhead systems, to U-Arm, to an astonishing five year warranty, when we demonstrate our capabilities, the healthcare professionals are the real winner at the end of the day.”

Summit Industries FIME Medical Imaging ConferenceAt the upcoming RSNA show in late November, there will be four pieces of equipment in the booth. One of those will be the automatic U-Arm with an impressive automatic stitching feature. At the event, we will be demonstrating how the device takes three consecutive images with less disruption and stitches the images together for a single image. 

Benefits include less mistakes from a moving patient, more control over the environment, and more efficient time usage for patient intake. The U-Arm takes all the guesswork out of repositioning to get three different images and all that is required is the press of a button. The machine automatically takes an exposure and moves to the next position until the exam is complete.

Other devices being featured at the RSNA conference include the OTS, DMFT Elite, and a brand new product from Summit Industries that will be launched at the event. To get a sneak peek at the newest innovation disruptor in space, get your ticket for the event and visit our booth (2129, South Hall)! We are looking forward to an exciting beginning to 2022 and can’t wait to see you there. 

Call Summit Industries for more information on our upcoming training classes. Enroll today to get equipped with the latest industry knowledge and earn expertise in Summit’s x-ray systems. Contact us to learn more about Summit Industries systems and how they can help you better serve your patients.

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