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Now available in the USA as part of the AMRAD Medical brand from Summit Industries . . . the Helianthus . . . a complete  "stand-alone", compact digital mammography system optimized for 2D image acquisition. The Helianthus results from a demanding challenge aimed at creating a modular digital mammography system that allows the end-user to carry out in-depth screening and clinical examinations with the most up-to-date techniques. The integrated X-ray generator and AWS enhance workflow and ergonomics making this the ideal system for the early diagnosis of breast cancer

The Helianthus is ideal for mid-to-high-volume 2D screening and diagnostics and can be easily upgradeable in the field with additional features when available.



System Components 

  • Mammography Unit with an isocentric C-Arm with rotation of ±180° (CW, CCW continuous to any position) 
  • Integrated high-voltage generator
  • Biangular X-ray tube 
  • Full field digital detector
  • Integrated or optional separated Acquisition Work Station (AWS) 


  • Extensive rotational and translation movements (up to 91 cm vertical travel) allow a quick and easy positioning of the patient, even those with impaired or limited mobility.
  • When rotating the C-arm, a sensitive and precise obstacle detection system ensures maximum patient safety.
  • Automatic collimation
  • “POEt” Processing for Optimal Enhancement
  • In the future, the Helianthus will have the option available to be upgraded, in the field, to 3D tomosynthesis and biopsy* (stereotactic and tomo-guided*procedures) and dual-energy


  • Compression paddle movement is motor-driven or manual with fine adjustment
  • Standard compression paddles 24x30 cm for normal breasts and 18x24 cm with lateral shifting for small breasts
  • Paddle holder features fast mechanical unlock by rotating knob and right lock warning LED 
  • The compression force range is adjustable from 70 to 200 N 
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