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Radiology Generators

High-frequency, high-performance generators, customizable for the unique needs of your facility.

Summit Industries X-Ray Machines Chicago IL

E Series


  • 30 kW - Single & Three Phase
  • 42 kW - Single & Three Phase
  • 52 kW - Three Phase


  • Anatomical Programming
  • Pedestal Mount
  • DR Integration, available
  • Cost-effective for all Radiographic applications
  • Designed for reliability and low cost of ownership
  • Anatomical programming to optimize image quality and consistency
  • Auto-calibration for exposure accuracy and optimal performance
  • 5-year parts warranty



M Series


  • 32 kW - Single & Three Phase
  • 40 kW - Single & Three Phase
  • 50 kW - Three Phase


  • Anatomical Programming
  • Pedestal Mount
  • Upgradeable for future DR applications
  • Low kV ripple: maximizes image quality by providing constant potential performance
  • Operator Control Console available with international symbols or text
  • Wall Mount or Pedestal Mount and Hand Switch (standard)
  • Automatic Tube Calibration
  • Collimator Power Supply
  • Multiple communication ports for easy interfacing
  • 3-year parts warranty


Interested In Learning More About TXR Generators?

You can contact us to inquire about purchasing this for your location or for more information on x-ray equipment.

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