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How Can Doctors Leverage Their Retained Cash-On-Hand?


One of the key advantages of choosing AMRAD Medical x-ray systems over other brands is affordability. From Urgent Care centers to general practitioners, imaging facilities of all types choose AMRAD Medical systems so they can use their savings toward other areas of their business. 

In addition to the lower cost of ownership provided by AMRAD Medical’s industry-best warranty, AMRAD Finance frees up additional cash to invest into other priorities. From buying x-ray equipment to adding office or clinical staff, financing an x-ray system gives a facility more financial flexibility.

Financing Allows For Investment In Other Areas

Summit Industries X-Ray Financing Doctor Hospital Ugent CareCash flow is a priority for any business. Instead of paying for an x-ray system in one lump sum – doctors and owner/operators can shift that cash into marketing and advertising to grow the patient-base of their practice. More patients, more profit. 

Spending more on an x-ray system that earns identical reimbursement potentially lessens their profits and takes money from their pockets. Smart doctors, make smart investments.

AMRAD Finance Beats The Costs Of Bank Financing

Summit Industries X-Ray Financing Doctor Hospital Ugent CareOver the last six months, interest rates have risen more than 3.5 points. When the pandemic lowered interest rates to near all-time lows, bank rates were attractive and beneficial. Today, those same variable interest rates have climbed – in some cases doubled – from 3.5% to 7%. 

AMRAD Finance’s fixed 5% is inflation-proof and consistent even in an inconsistent market. As an added bonus, there is no penalty to pay it off early! While discussing interest rates and financing may be something most people shy away from, savvy physicians will appreciate having financial benefits explained and financing options presented that save them both time and money. 

Why Sales Teams Should Not Be Shy About The Financing Conversation

“One of the biggest challenges we see is getting salespeople to talk about financing,” says Kevin Lucas, Regional Sales Manager at Summit Industries. “The secondary piece is overcoming the timeline of a doctor getting their own financing. We’ve seen some approvals take as long as six weeks when we have not remained involved in the process.”

“Extended approval times mean that the doctor is not able to provide comprehensive patient care and could hinder the financial health of the practice,” Kevin adds. “Choosing AMRAD Finance allows for greater speed, sooner opening dates and the patient care that really matters.” 

AMRAD Finance can also begin an immediate pre-approval process during the first meeting with a doctor so that when they do decide to move forward, the sales and installation process takes days instead of months. AMRAD Finance eliminates confusion on the sophisticated purchase by never having to educate your lender on your purchase. 

Overcome The Unknowns Of Healthcare Inflation With Financing

Many healthcare facilities are forecasted to lower their profitability expectations, due to overall inflation and labor supply shortage. Services like those provided by AMRAD Finance help offer flexible solutions to doctors facing uncertainty and the future of their practice. 

Let us help you with your overall imaging solution, AMRAD Medical and AMRAD Finance. Contact us today to speak with our customer service team!



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