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How Are Summit Industries X-Rays Beating The Inflation Game?


With inflation woes and supply chain logistical nightmares, it’s easy to forget about the basics of business. When everyone is running around trying to keep up with demand, get their newest products to market, and achieve faster turn-around time on repairs, we’ve overlooked the value of doing the simple things … and doing them well.

“Everything that has ever been made started out at its most basic form,” says Kevin Lucas of Summit Industries. “From cars to computers to televisions, they all began as simple solutions to everyday problems.”

“The versions that stand the test of time are those that have proven themselves the most durable and provide exactly what the user needs,” Lucas adds. “Only layering on innovations at the right time – on top of meeting the original solution.”

There’s never been a time when pulling away from the basics – and the focus on that original user problem – has been successful. Trustworthy companies which nail the basics will always be in business. That’s why Summit’s range of solutions start with the basics, on purpose and by design. 

What Exactly Do You Need?

Summit Industries Xray Inflation PricesDoctors and medical professionals have come to know Summit Industries’ technology as highly functional and results-oriented. Mastering the basics of proven design and tested technology keeps Summit’s systems online and in-use. That means less costly repairs, especially compared to other high-tech equipment from our competitors. And it means not paying for stuff you won’t use.

“A smart medical professional will weigh the costs to benefits and realize they don’t need to pay more for extra bells and whistles,” says Lucas. “Instead, they should pay for exactly what functions they need and will use – an excellent diagnostic quality image for a radiologist to prepare a diagnostic.” 

Bonus Features Aren’t Essentials

Summit Industries Xray Prices Inflation Amrad
Shown: American Portable Diagnostics Association

Here at Summit Industries, we’ve found that “bonus features” or flashy gimmicks just aren’t the game changers they’re made out to be. What medical professionals really rely on are those 99% functions – the common, core procedures that they perform multiple times per day. 

When buying a new car, for example, many of the additional features and packages are more nice-to-haves than essentials.

“When you add on a moonroof, heated seats, or new technologies, the more likely they’ll require repairs, especially when it comes to computer displays and electronic components,” explains Lucas. 

Summit Industries Xray Prices Inflation Amrad
Shown: Summit’s New Dragon Portables

“What if your $100,000 car had all these fancy upgrades but was in the shop on a regular basis,” he adds. “That would end up taking time away driving the car (the reason you bought it) and expenses can add up over time.”

Like new cars, it’s better to have a model that has all the safety features to protect you and will reliably get you to your destination. A version that costs four times more doesn’t mean the experience is four times better.

True technicians performing x-rays on a daily basis will always choose a durable model at a lower price point than a more expensive, high-tech, repair-vulnerable device. All that is needed is for a fully transparent set of comparisons for requirements, price, and long-term durability.

How Much Is A Logo Worth?

When comparing one name brand to another, if you get the same results why pay more? If an x-ray device buyer pays $200,000 and it provides the same reimbursement income as a $50,000 machine, they paid $150,000 more for a logo. Is it really worth it?

“Many dealers are working with doctors and focusing on the type of incentive they’ll receive when placing a new x-ray model into a space,” says Lucas. “Regardless of the price paid by the doctor on the equipment, the reimbursement revenues are the same,” he adds. “So why not place a device that covers all the basics at a better price-point? Customers are more satisfied and it leads to opportunities for referral business.”

Summit Industries strives to constantly improve in response to doctor and medical professional needs. We’ve found that for us and the users we have served faithfully for over 37 years, sticking to the basics is not such a bad thing. Let’s get back to basics … together. Contact Summit Industries for more information on your radiology diagnostic equipment today

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