Summit Industries X-Ray Machines Chicago IL Superior, Streamlined X-Ray Systems

Amrad Medical

Medical X-Ray Equipment

The renowned AMRAD Medical brand can be found in hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, orthopedic surgeon offices, urgent care facilities, and physician clinics across the globe. 


Quickly diagnose bone fractures, internal health conditions, or joint dislocations. With simplified controls and sleek design, AMRAD devices are ideal for high-volume, routine x-ray procedures.

AMRAD MEDICAL: X-Ray Equipment | Summit Industries Manufacturer Chicago IL



Do more patient exams with less FTEs needed.

Imaging Centers

Upgradable systems that can grow with your needs. Designed specifically for mobile patients.


Configurable systems with ease of movement, flexible positioning, and accurate imaging for every specialty.

Private Clinics

Lower cost of ownership for clinics of all sizes and budgets.

Summit Industries X-Ray Machines Chicago IL Superior, Streamlined X-Ray Systems

5-Year Parts Warranty

Demand the Summit PromiseTM the industry-leading warranty, low cost of ownership, and fast and reliable support.


Ask your highly-qualified AMRAD Medical Dealer for details.

Our Service Pillars

Why Choose AMRAD?


Cost-effective, easy to use, more efficient workflows, and less footprint needed


Minimum downtime and maximum return on investment from longer-lasting systems


Proven designs, well made equipment, and fast help from real, knowledgeable people

ISO 13485 Certified

Each system and AMRAD’s manufacturing process meets the ISO’s stringent safety certification process.

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