Advantage DFMT hospital grade radiography suites

Chicago, (April 2, 2010) – Radiographic systems and components manufacturer AMRAD MEDICAL is now accepting orders for its new Amrad Advantage DFMT x-ray system.

The Advantage DFMT is ideal for hospital radiology departments, orthopedic and urgent care clinics, according to Joseph Flies, the company’s VP of Medical Marketing and Sales. “The new Amrad DFMT x-ray system is designed to speed workflow and throughput with its crystal-clear SID readout. The Advantage DFMT’s elevating four-way float-top table makes for easy patient transfer and positioning, whether wheelchair, stretcher, geriatric or casted,” Mr. Flies said.

The operator console features ergonomic controls, a large LCD screen and digital indications of SID and tube angle. Cross-table views are accomplished using the system’s rotational and transverse capabilities. A quiet foot-controlled lift mechanism has a capacity of 650 pounds.

With a footprint just under 6 x 15 feet, the Advantage DFMT x-ray system can be ordered with a 40, 50, 65 or 80 kW 200 kHz high frequency generator. A 103 LPI 10:1 grid bucky is supported by a single column wall stand for center and side mounting. Other features include a 300 KHU, 0.6/1.2 mm F.S. x-ray tube, and an MC-150 collimator rated at 150 kVp with a laser bucky light.

Manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility, the Advantage DFMT x-ray system carries a 5-year limited parts warranty.

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