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Customer Service:                        


Omar Lira, Customer Service Supervisor
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 2558
Phone: 773-353-2558
E-mail: Omar L.


Andrea Paink
Phone:  800-729-9729 Ext. 4016
Phone: 773-353-4016 (direct)
E-mail: Andrea P.


Lisa Sexton
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4019
Phone: 773-353-4019 (direct)
E-mail: Lisa S.


Email: Customer Service

Fax: 773-588-3424


Technical Support:


Mike Lardie
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4018
E-mail: Mike L.


Roger Frueh
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4037
E-mail: Roger F.


Justin Sossin
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4034
E-mail: Justin S.


Fax: 773-588-3004

After Hours: 773-428-0357


Mailing Address:

Summit Industries, LLC
7555 North Caldwell Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714





M. Thomas Boon, President
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4024
Phone: 773-353-4024 (direct)
E-mail: Thomas B.


Joseph Flies, Executive Vice President, Operations
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4005
Phone: 773-353-4005 (direct)
E-mail: Joseph F.


Don Matson, Chief Technical Officer
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4023
Phone: 773-353-4023 (direct)
Email: Don M.


Kurt Peterson, Vice President, Administration
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 2555
Phone: 773-353-2555 (direct)
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Greg Oravec, Vice President, Clinical Sales
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4003
Phone: 773-353-4003 (direct)
Email: Greg O.



Susan Pryor Welter (Medical)
Phone: 678-993-5810
E-mail: Susan W.


Greg Oravec (Veterinary and Chiropractic)
Phone: 800-729-9729 Ext. 4003
E-mail: Greg O.


Dean Fredericks
Phone: 860-306-8601
E-mail: Dean F.


Kevin Lucas
Phone: 773-353-4026
E-mail: Kevin L.

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